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Digital Antenna Channel

Charts - Updated 1/20

Since 1951, BTS has been a Mechanical Contractor that specializes in Signal Reception/Transmission Technologies. Products ranging from Satellite, Towers, Antenna Systems and Alternative Energy Products. Please contact us with any questions.
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BTS can help you with your interests into alternative energy systems including Solar systems and Wind Turbines. BTS can design a scalable system that will work with your present budget but can be responsibly expanded in the future allowing you to continue with your “Return on Investment” goals. BTS can work with your unique projects like Boats, RV’s, Cabins, Communication Power for Grid Interactive systems or Off Grid systems.
BTS specializes in Signal Transmission/Reception Technologies. From systems that receive signals for your home tv and data, to advanced data system integration for your business. BTS can help you with repairs on an existing system, or the design and istallation of a complete new system.
BTS integrates design, farbrication and installation into a turnkey project. Small one-off projects or larger count projects, we can take your needs from blueprints to reality.
New FAA Lighting requirements are coming in 2020 for Commerical Towers to make the United States Air Space Drone Technology Freindly. Once these rules are formally set, BTS can help equip your make sure your Tower Lighting System meets the mandated FAA requirements.
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Digital Antenna Channel Charts - Updated